Cat & Dog

for your furry family

Our premium lines of dog and cat food such as Earthborn Holistic and NutriSource are designed to provide the best in animal wellness and nutrition.

With products and supplies sure to leave your animals with happy bellies and hearts, your four-legged friends will thank you!

We also carry pet supplies like cat litter and dog treats.



Nutrition cows can’t resist!

Finding the perfect nutritional fixings for your cattle can seem like an uphill battle, but here at Knittle & Frey our employees are here to help you find feed that will help them moo-ve and groove all day long!

We also carry our K&F in-house brand of Custom Dairy Feed & Custom Dairy Concentrate options today! Give them a try!


Carrying the brands horses love

With horses ready to run the day’s race or ready for a day in the pasture, it’s important to fuel all horses with feed that promotes healthy, energetic, and long lifestyles.

Our brands like Triple Crown and Southern States will leave them energetic and ready to go!


Climb the Pecking order

Carrying the favorites of flocks everywhere, choose from a variety of feeds to keep your birds on top of the pecking order.

We also carry straight grains and bedding materials like hay and pine shavings. 


Chows for every Stage of Life

We say “Bahh” to low quality goat feeds and save your hoofed pals the energy. You can rest assured that we carry the finest feeds for goats of all shapes and sizes.

We offer feeds for growing, adult, and dairy goats. Make sure they get sufficient minerals by picking up a blend while you’re here!

We also carry our homemade K&F brand goat feed that is made right here in PA. Even the snootiest goats can’t resist local eats!



Top Tier Mineral and Feeds

Carrying a variety of minerals and feed from brands you trust like Purina, Trophy Rock, Whitetail Institute, and Evolved–You’re bound to find great treats for the bucks here, no matter what their favorite flavor is!

We also offer our in-house Bighorn Deer Mineral and Deer Krunch feed. We make it right here in PA! We highly recommend you try some, and the bucks can’t wait either!

Wild Bird

Offering A Variety of Seed Blends

With feeders and seed from Wild Delight, you really can’t go wrong!

But, we’ll let you in on a secret–the birds really prefer Knittle & Frey Branded mixes! Don’t believe us? Just try some and see the birds come flying in!



Keep it Green and Growin'!

Got a green thumb? You’ll have no trouble from your greens with usage of our garden brands.

With seed, fertilizer, and pesticide/herbicides frrom Liquid Fence, Storey, High Mowing, Bonide, and Seedway, you’ll be looking like a proper pro grower in no time!



Our House Brand

Quality Feeds at a Better Price

Looking for better prices than the mainline competitors offer?

We have an excellent in-house brand of products with lines for Calf, Cattle, Pig, Goat, Sheep, Custom Dairy Feed, and Custom Dairy Concentrate.

Give us a try sometime! Your animals will love it!

Gifts & Decor

With something for everyone

Here at Knittle & Frey, we think your animals aren’t the only one’s who should get treated. You deserve something nice too! Thankfully, we have something for you too!

After picking up your feed and supplies, be sure to check out our gifts & decor options! We carry brands like Yeti cups and coolers, Badger Body Care, and incense from Incienso de Santa Fe!

Generic Goods & Bulk Supply

A Little Bit of Everything

We’ve got you covered for your bulk supply needs on items like Coal, Hay, Straw, Lime, Pine Shavings, Bedding Pellets, Water Softener Salt, De-Icers, and Fencing Materials.

 Poultry Supplies, Straight Grains, Bird Feeders, Lawn & Garden Supplies, Minerals,

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